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 To eliminate postage costs and delays, all distribution is now via Dropbox.

No Dropbox account is required to receive your system files, however, it is more convenient if you do have an account

Army List Files:

Napoleonic and American Civil War



Wars of Napoleon  1796-1815
Wars of Frederick the Great [Incl AWI] 1740-1783
The American Civil War 1861-1865
Wars of von Moltke 1864-1871
War in the Age of Marlborough [Incl GNW] 1700-1721
Pike and Shot [Incl ECWTYW] 1600-1699
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Order Description Cost with Discount Total Cost You Save
Tactical System $30.00  
Two Tactical Systems $55.00 $5.00
Three Tactical Systems $75.00 $15.00
Four Tactical Systems $90.00 $30.00
Five Tactical Systems $100.00 $50.00
Tactical Upgrade $5.00  


Each system comes complete with comprehensive printable PDF manuals; two printable quick reference cards; two or more printable numbered counter sheets; two or more pre-loaded Army Lists and one or more pre-loaded Orders of Battle.


If you already own a Tactical system and want to upgrade to the latest version, order the appropriate System Upgrade by using the Code (NAP, SYW etc., plus U). For example, NAPU refers to a Napoleonic Tactical system upgrade. The Upgrade only works when replacing an existing installation, it is not a stand alone product.


A discussion group is also available online (subscribe from Home page) - this forum offers discussion on the rules, and valuable downloads, such as additional army list and order of battle files and other gaming accessories, including additional game charts and unit ID sheets.


Army List Files

The following are a series of army list modules that will help you to structure your miniature collections. Based upon historical forces present in a particular theater of operations, these lists will enable you to quickly organize your miniatures into brigades, divisions and corps. Each module comes complete with two opposing forces, representing approximately 25,000 men of all arms, infantry, cavalry and artillery. Accompanying these files is a comprehensive PDF document that includes information on how to base your miniatures, simple unit organization charts, and complete list of the officers and units included within the module. The basing charts are in both Imperial and metric, and for multiple ground scales to suit figure scales from 6 mm to 40 mm. Unit ID tags, ready for printing and attaching to your tabletop miniatures, are provided with the army list files themselves.


The accompanying PDF file can be downloaded by clicking the Adobe logo on the forms below. To order and receive the associated Carnage&GloryII files click the adjacent monetary value. This will generate an email and within one business day you will receive a PayPal invoice in the appropriate value. Upon receipt of notification of payment the Carnage&GloryII files will be sent to you via a Dropbox link.







Wars of Napoleon


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French Forces - MdE Davout, Duc d'Auerstadt

26,440 men

80 cannon

Russian Forces - GL Nicolai N. Raevsky

24,620 men

108 cannon






French Forces - MdE Davout

20,380 men

44 cannon

Prussian Forces - FM Duke of Brunswick

25,600 men

124 cannon






French Forces - MdE Victor

25,940 men

44 cannon

Anglo-Spanish Forces - Lt.Gen Arthur C. Wellesley

15,608 men

26 cannon


The American Civil War


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Virginia 1863




Army of Northern Virginia

Longstreet's I Corps

24,834 men

86 cannon

Army of the Potomac

Reynold's I Corps and Hancock's II Corps

25,956 men

80 cannon





Army of Northern Virgina

Ewell's II Corps

29,510 men

70 cannon

Army of the Potomac

Sickles III Corps and Sykes V Corps

26,018 men

78 cannon





Army of Northern Virginia

A.P. Hill's III Corps

21,604 men

84 cannon

Army of the Potomac

Sedgwick, Howard and Slocum's Corps

36,104 men

134 cannon





Army of Northern Virginia

J.E.B. Stuart's Cavalry Corps

11,855 men

23 cannon

Army of the Potomac

Pleasonton's Cavalry Corps

14,360 men

72 cannon