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The Computer moderated wargame system for use with miniatures

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On Campaign for the American Civil War - A computer moderated operational level campaign system


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Carnage&GloryII is a computer moderated rule system suitable for both the novice and experienced player. There are no complex charts, book-keeping or accounting required.

Carnage&GloryII holds and updates automatically all the relevant information regarding the status of the both combat units and general officers within the system database. Complex concepts such as variable weather and ground conditions, heat exhaustion, ammunition usage, mental and physical fatigue and variable morale are easily accommodated by the system. By eliminating the emphasis on dice and charts typical of more traditional wargames, the sole focus of the player becomes the tactical or operational movement and engagement of the forces under your command. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating wargame experience.

Carnage&GloryII requires a computer using the Windows OS.

Carnage&GloryII is best played with two or more players each taking turns at the computer, or in larger games, one player can take the role of gamemaster with sole responsibility for the computer input. The On Campaign system is designed to be played with two opposing players and a gamemaster who is responsible for the computer input and distribution of reports etc., to and from the players.

Carnage&GloryII is suitable for all figure and ground scales, with no requirement for rebasing of figures. This is possible because the system 'thinks' in terms of real men and real distances, not numbers of figures or distances measured in inches or millimeters.

Typical ground scales are 1" = 25 paces [1 mm = 1 pace] for 20 - 40 mm figures, and 1" = 50 paces [1 mm = 2 paces] for 6 - 18 mm figures. Alternatively, 1" = 100 paces can also be used with 6 mm figures.

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