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Computer moderated wargame system for use with miniatures

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The Latest system in development for the Carnage&GloryII product range - On Campaign - Strategic and Logistic System. This system is being designed and prepared to work in parallel with the Grand-tactical and Tactical systems creating a strategic and logistical background for your tabletop battles. Below are a few of the more than forty current screens and forms that will ultimately be a part of the final developed system. For more detail: Email the Author


On Campaign - Main Screen





Pike and Shot System Main Screen:

Carnage&GloryII is an easy to learn and easy to play computer moderated rule system suitable for both the novice and experienced player. There are no complex charts or book-keeping and accounting required as Carnage&GloryII maintains all the relevant information regarding the status of the combat units and general officers within the system database. Complex concepts such as variable weather and ground conditions, heat exhaustion, ammunition usage, mental and physical fatigue and variable morale are easily accommodated by the system. By eliminating the emphasis on dice and charts typical of more traditional wargames, the sole focus of the game becomes the tactical movement and engagement of the forces under your command. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating wargame experience.


Development of the original Carnage and Glory DOS system version was begun in 1987, and the various systems have been commercially available since 1991. With the release of the new Windows version in 2001 the system has reached new heights of sophistication, playability and user friendliness.


Carnage&GloryII requires a Windows based computer running Windows operating system, a minimum of 10Mb hard disk space. Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported by the system.


Carnage&GloryII is suitable for all figure and ground scales, with no requirement for rebasing of figures. This is possible because the system 'thinks' in terms of real men and real distances, not numbers of figures or distances measured in inches or millimeters.

Typical ground scales are 1" = 25 paces [1 mm = 1 pace] for 20 - 40 mm figures, and 1" = 50 paces [1 mm = 2 paces] for 6 - 18 mm figures. Alternatively, 1" = 100 paces can also be used with 6 mm figures and for the American Civil War and Franco-Prussian War, 3" = 100 paces [3 mm = 4 paces] for 20 - 40 mm figures.


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